General Terms & Condition

Getmo PT LTD exists as a Super Financial App, a solution for all personal and business financial needs.

Getmo PT LTD "GetMo" is a technology application in collaboration with PT Digital Micro Indonesia "DanaBijak" in running revenue based financing services, which has been licensed & supervised by the Financial Services Authority with number KEP-92/D.05/2021.

As a Super Financial App, Getmo PT LTD provides interfacing services to connect parties who want to carry out financial activities, whether in information technology-based lending services or other financial products. Getmo PT LTD does not provide any suggestions or funding recommendations regarding the choices on this platform.

  1. Definition
    Unless the context dictates otherwise, terms in this Legal Disclaimer will have the following meanings:
  1. Getmo PT LTD or the Company or We are PT Sejahtera Lunaria Annua, a company that provides a market for financial products for users;
  2. Services are Platform provision services provided by the Company on the Platform to unite Users;
  3. User is every person who visits, accesses and/or uses the Platform;
  4. Third Parties are other parties, including but not limited to information technology-based lending and borrowing service providers, gold trading companies, other companies that have collaborated with Getmo PT LTD, or other Financial Services companies that have been registered or have business licenses at the Financial Services Authority that provide services on the Platform;
  5. The platform is a mobile application owned by the Company;
  6. Personal Data is data and/or certain individual information that is stored, maintained, and kept, and kept confidential.
  1. User Personal Data Storage
    In connection with the activities carried out on the Platform, the User hereby acknowledges and agrees that the User’s Personal Data will be stored by the Company.

    Storage of User Personal Data refers to Article 15 of the Regulation of the Minister of Communication and Information Technology Number 20 of 2016 concerning Protection of Personal Data in Electronic Systems and Government Regulation Number 71 of 2019 concerning Implementation of Electronic Systems and Transactions.

    In addition to storing, the Company may process, analyze, transmit, delete, and/or destroy User’s Personal Data in accordance with applicable regulations, which are limited only to Third Parties and for purposes of the Company’s analysis of User and/or User transactions on various features on the Platform.

    Other than as mentioned in this Term and Condition and the Privacy Policy, the Company will not provide information about Users to other parties without the prior consent of the User.
  2. Company Services for Users
    The Company has followed the licensing mechanism and applicable laws and regulations in providing services and is under OJK supervision. Users are entitled to the following services on the Platform:

  1. View and access all financial products on the Platform;
  2. Change and update your information as a user.
  1. Users are hereby deemed to understand and know all the risks posed by each financial product used. Therefore, the User states that he is responsible for all decisions and risks taken regarding using the Service.

    Only apply for a business account User, User hereby agrees to have a Getmo PT LTD account based on User’s information and/or data provided to Getmo PT LTD.
  2. Privacy Policy
    Your privacy and protection of the personal data you submitted to us are very important to us. Because we collect and/or store certain types of information from and about you, we need to explain our policies and the terms and conditions surrounding the data collection and use of that information.

    We respect the protection of user privacy. The User understands that the User can only access some features on the Platform if the User provides and allows some information and/or data to the Company through the Platform.

    Where deemed necessary and appropriate by us and in accordance with applicable laws, rules and regulations, Personal Data will only use personally identifiable information to provide services to our users, and will not share such data to third parties without the explicit consent of our users, as follows:
  1. Provide access to you and facilitate the use of our Site and ensure that Site Content, Products, Services, Interactive Services, Third Party Content and Third Party Sites are displayed in the most effective way for you and your Device;
  2. Provide you with information, Site Content, Products, Services and Interactive Services that you request from us and access to Third Party Sites and Third Party Content;
  3. Carry out our obligations arising from each contract held between you and us;
  4. Provide you with information about other Products and Services that we offer that are similar to the Products and Services that you have purchased or asked for;
  5. Give to you, or allow Selected Third Parties to provide information about Products or Services to you that we feel might be interesting to you. If you are already a User, we will only contact you via email, SMS or telephone to provide Information about Products and Services that are similar to those you have previously considered, funding or utilizing. If you are a new customer, and if you agree to disclose your Personal Data to Selected Third Parties, we (or Selected Third Parties) can contact you via email or SMS to provide information about the Product or Service;
  6. Notify you of changes to the Site, Site Content, Products, Services, Interactive Services, Third Party Content and Third Party Sites;
  7. Managing our Site and for its internal operations, including troubleshooting, data analysis, testing, research, statistical and survey purposes;
  8. Improve our Site to ensure that Site Content, Products, Services, Interactive Services, Third Party Content and Third Party Sites are delivered in the most effective way for you and your Device;
  9. Allow you to participate in Interactive Services and other interactive features of our Site, Products and Services, if you choose to do so;
  10. Apply and review the security and protection measures on our Site so as to keep our Site safe and secure;
  11. Assess or understand the effectiveness of our advertisements and third party advertisements on our Site and on other third party websites, and to deliver relevant advertisements to you;
  12. Make suggestions and recommendations for you and other users of our site about products, services or products and services of third parties that may be of interest to you or them;
  13. Make a decision related to the opening or continuation of the User’s account and the creation, provision or continuation of the Service (-Service) and Products (-Products) besides maintaining the accuracy of the information “recognize your customer” and conduct anti-money laundering checks , credit and background;
  14. 14. Provide, operate, process and manage the account (s) of Users, Service (-Services) and Product (-Products) or manage applications for Users (-Account), Service (-Services) and Product (-Products ), every transaction (including money transfer transactions), and maintain the quality of services and train staff;
  15. Carry out activities related to the provision of user accounts, services (products) and products (products), including subscriptions or subscription proposals for product (products) or service (services) (both offered or issued by Getmo PT LTD or others) and provision of research reports or materials for analysis;
  16. Provide services and support related to Products, including but not limited to, providing management or administrative support or acting as intermediaries / nominees / agents in connection with your participation in Product (-Products);
  17. Provide or give access to materials related to products such as bid documents, research reports, products profiles, fact sheets, term sheets or other materials related to products;
  18. Fulfills domestic and foreign legal, regulatory and compliance requirements that apply to the Getmo PT LTD under applicable laws (including anti money laundering and tax obligations applicable to the Getmo PT LTD, and disclosures on every exchange effect, the court, government authority, supervisory authority or regulator in accordance with guidelines, regulations, orders, instructions or relevant requests from these organizations) and comply with any applicable international agreements or agreements with or between foreign and domestic governments that applies to Getmo PT LTD;
  19. Check the identity and / or authority of your attorneys who contact the Getmo PT LTD or can be contacted by the Getmo PT LTD and to carry out or respond to requests, questions or instructions from the audited powers or other parties in accordance with security procedures we apply;
  20. Conduct risk assessment, statistical analysis and planning and trends, including carrying out data processing, statistical analysis, credit, risk and anti money laundering, creating and managing credit assessment models, conducting credit checks and reviews and other backgrounds, and keeping your history credit and your authorized attorney (regardless of whether there is a direct connection between the authorized attorney and the Getmo PT LTD) for current and future reference;
  21. Monitor and record electronic calls and communications with you for the purpose of recording, quality, training, investigation and prevention of fraud;
  22. Detect, prevent, investigate and prosecute crimes and fraud including assisting in every crime investigation by the authority that is relevant to you, a Relevant Individual or someone else;
  23. Implement (including, but not limited to, billing the amount owed to the Getmo PT LTD) or defend the rights of the Getmo PT LTD, which comes from the contract or otherwise;
  24. Conduct the internal management to operate control and management information systems and carry out internal audits or permit the external audits;
  25. Allow recipients of the actual or proposed rights of the Getmo PT LTD, or participants or sub-participants of the rights of the Getmo PT LTD in connection with you, to evaluate transactions intended to be objects of transfer, participation or sub-participation;
  26. Comply with contractual arrangements by or among autonomous industries, industry groups, industry provider associations or other similar entities with Getmo PT LTD; and
  27. Manage the Getmo PT LTD relationship with you, which may include providing information to you or relevant individuals, about products and services of the Getmo PT LTD, if specifically approved or if permitted under applicable laws and regulations;
  28. To market the financial products or services or related to loans through various communication modes including letter, telephone, SMS, fax, e-mail, internet, market research, and designing or filtering similar products or services including by conducting market research, data analysis , and surveys;
  29. Comply with any obligations, requirements, policies, procedures, assessments or arrangements for sharing the data and information in the Getmo PT LTD and the use of other data and information in accordance with each of the Getmo PT LTD Group’s programs to complete the sanctions or prevention or detecting money laundering, terrorist funding or other illegal activities.
  1. As we aim to collect, use, disclose or process your Personal Data depending on the circumstances at that time, these objectives may not appear in the article above. However, we will notify you of these other objectives when requesting your consent for the collection of such Personal Data, except the processing of your Personal Data without your consent permitted by law.

    We can also share Personal Data with Selected Third Parties including:
  1. Business partners, suppliers and sub-contractors for the implementation of each contract that we hold with them or you;
  2. Advertisers and advertisement networks that need data to select and provide relevant advertisements to you and others. We do not disclose information about individuals that can be identified to advertisers, but we can provide them with aggregate information about our Users (for example, we can tell them that 500 men aged under 30 years click on their advertisements on certain days). We can also use the aggregate information to help advertisers reach the type of audience they want to be targeted. We can use information or data collected from you to enable us to fulfill the wishes of our advertisers by displaying their advertisements to targeted audiences;
  3. Analysis providers and engines searchers that help us in improving and optimizing our site;
  4. Prospective seller or business buyer or asset if we sell or buy a business or any asset, in this case we can transfer your Personal Data to the buyer or the seller as part of the transaction;
  5. Any such organization or person, if we are under an obligation to disclose or share your Personal Data to comply with any legal obligations, or to implement or apply our Terms of Use, our Cookie Policy, and other agreements, or to protect rights , assets, or security of the Getmo PT LTD, our customers, Users or others. This includes exchanging information with other companies and organizations for the purpose of fraud protection and credit risk reduction;
  6. The third party agents, contractors or service providers that provide bookkeeping, administration, postal delivery, telemarketing, telecommunication direct sales, call centers, business processes, travel, visas, knowledge management, human resources, data processing, information technology, computers, payments, debt collection, credit reference or other background checks or other services to the Getmo PT LTD in connection with the business operations of the Getmo PT LTD;
  7. A person or entity that is part of the Getmo PT LTD even though only to the extent necessary to fulfill the relevant Permitted purposes/objectives;
  8. The bank is interested in or withdrawal in connection with each check or equivalent that is processed by the Getmo PT LTD;
  9. Financial institutions with which you own or apply to have business related to each Product and / or Service;
  10. 10. An individual or entity that has an investment or an entity or entity that is obliged or required to make disclosures in accordance with the legal process or based on the requirements of the law, regulations, court orders inside or outside the country or agreements that are binding or valid for Getmo PT LTD and any government authority, inside or outside the country, or between two or more government authorities inside or outside the country, or any disclosure based on and for the purpose of guidelines or instructions given or issued by law enforcement agencies, regulations, government agencies, tax authorities, law enforcement agencies or other authorities, or autonomous regulations from industry group or associations required or expected by financial service providers or stock exchanges to be fulfilled by Getmo PT LTD, or any disclosures in accordance with each contract or other commitments from Getmo PT LTD with legal institutions, regulations, government agencies, taxes, law enforcement agencies or other authorities, or autonomous or industrial groups or associations from providers of financial services, or stock exchanges, all of which may be inside or outside Indonesia including disclosure to court proceedings, tribunal courts, and / or legal, regulatory, tax and government agencies, regardless of whether the legal process, obligations, requests, requirements, agreements or guidelines are currently available or made in the future;
  11. Financial institutions, process agents, or other parties who will be involved in money transfer transactions or any banking / financial activities;
  12. The recipient of the actual or proposed transfer from the Getmo PT LTD, or the participant or sub-participant or the recipient of the transfer of the rights of the Getmo PT LTD in connection with you or other relevant individuals, all or part of the asset or business from Getmo PT LTD;
  13. the party that gives or submits to provide a guarantee or guarantee to a third party recipient of the guarantee or guarantee your obligations or those of any Relevant Individual.
  1. We request additional data from users which are optional, but must be filled in order to allow us to give additional services to the users.

    The User understands that the User has allowed the Company to collect information about the User, including but not limited to the User’s camera, location, microphone, IP address and hardware since the User visits and accesses the Platform.
  2. Platform Services and Security
    The company always gives full attention and effort to provide the best security and services to Users through the Platform.

    However, in the event of problems on the Platform beyond the Company’s control, including but not limited to cybercrime, problematic servers, malware, etc., you as the User agree to release and release the Company to be responsible for these things.
  3. Changes to General Term and Condition
    The Company reserves the right to change the General Terms and Conditions at its sole discretion from time to time. Any changes to this General Term and Condition will be publicly announced prior to the effective date and will take effect immediately after the Company has posted them on the Platform. The Company will include the date of the last amendment to the General Terms and Conditions on the front page of the Platform.

    We consult with leading figures in financial security and employ technical safeguards like encryption, two factor authentication, and continuous monitoring to ensure that your information is protected and that there are safeguards to protect our users interests.

    You understand and agree that when you continue to use the Platform or Service after changes to this General Term and Condition have been made, you are subject to and bound by the new Terms and Conditions.